BioFriend Bio Mask

BRAND / TYPE: BioFriend Bio Mask
VALVE: without valve
INFO: Revolutionary molecular technology. Traps and kills 99.9% of harmful germs. Kills viruses & bacteria such as swine flu, bird flu, common colds, Influenza A, measles, MRSA, pneumonia and SARS. Inactivates 99.99% of pandemic Influenza including H1N1. 1.) Cleans: Neutralises contaminated droplets, 2.) Kills: Destroys viruses and bacteria. 3.) Filters: Enhanced microbial protection. This mask uses a proprietary hydrophilic plastic coating on the outer layer that rapidly absorbs infectious droplets away from the surface of the mask and into the inner layers where pathogens are inactivated (killed) by low pH and the natural ions, copper and zinc. Copper and zinc are essential minerals necessary for human life and good health.
USAGE: Replace after 12 hours of active wear, or earlier, if damaged or soiled with blood or bodily fluids.
PACKAGING: 25 pieces per box
STANDARDS: CE certificate, EN 14683 Type IIR, FDA certificate