DEDAKJ DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator

BRAND / TYPE: DEDAKJ AC110V / 220V DDT-2A 230W 2L-9L Oxygen Concentrator
INFO: DEDAKJ DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator delivers an airflow that ranges between 2 and 9 liters. The continuous airflow and purity are 2 LPM at 90%, 3 LPM at 85%, 4 LPM at 75%, 5 LPM at 60%, 6 LPM at 50%, 7 LPM at 45%, 8 LPM at 35%, 9 LPM at 30%. For someone who needs a higher output of his oxygen machine, the DDT-2A is the product of DEDAKJ’s lineup to go for. It offers the same functionality and similar aesthetics as DDT-1B, with higher overall output. The increase in performance comes with a small increase in weight, to 14.3 lbs (~6.5 kg).
OXYGEN GENERATION METHOD: Pressure Swimg Adsorption (PSA)
OXYGEN FLOW RATE: 2L-9L/min adjustable (normal temperature, 0.1Mpa)
OXYGEN CONCENTRATION: 30%-90% adjustable
VOLTAGE: AC220V or 110V
SIZE: 404*182*383 mm
1. Negative ion function: 6 million/cm3
2. Time setting: the longest 180 minutes
3. Power saving mode function
4. Sleep function
5. Automatic power-off protective function (The machine will be in sleep mode automatically after no operation for 3 minutes, the screen lights dimmed to power saving.)
6. Remote infrared control up to 18 meters
7. Oxygen accumulated function
8. LCD screen, easy to view and operate for timing function.
9. High precision copper oil-free compressor make the noise lower (≤ 45db) with fast heat dissipation and overheat protection.
10. Highlight the button, let the elderly operate it freely at night.
11. 24 hours continuous supply of oxygen, convenient for supplement for a long time.
MADE IN: China
PRICE: please contact us directly to know the best price for your order

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