Sputnik Light

BRAND / TYPE: Sputnik Light
INFO: Russia’s health ministry has registered the one-shot Sputnik-Light version of its COVID-19 vaccine for use in March 2021. The slimmed-down single-dose vaccine, represents a temporary solution to help countries with high infection rates make the vaccine go further.
MADE IN: Russia
DEVELOPED BY: Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology
PRICE: 22 USD per dose (negotiable based on quantity)
1. LOI
2. After approval of LOI revelation of documents concerning allocation and Russian counterparty involved.
3. SPA including the condition that Russian State Performance Guarantee is provided. Russian State guarantees the product and quality and delivery to Free Trade Zone. You will receive documents to attest as such after signing the SPA. Even before the SPA is signed, you will have full transparency including a video conference with all parties involved. There is 0 payment until the Russian State Guarantee is issued, and the SPA would be void in case it is not supplied, therefore there is 0 risk for the Buyer.
4. 100% TT. Depending on the case another payment method can be discussed. However, for the ready stock, only TT payment makes sense.
5. We encourage payment in tranches per delivery with a minimum tranche order of 300.000 doses to start the deal. This minimizes the amount of money that has to be paid for every delivery to the Free Trade Zone.
6. Exworks. Logistics will be charged directly to buyer at cost price. But they can organise themselves as well if they prefer. No profits will be made on logistics.
7. We have 70 million doses allocation contract. May consist of any of the Sputnik variants (Sputnik V, Sputnik light, Sputnik upgraded). MOQ should be 1 million doses.
8. Delivery within 7 days from Moscow Airport Free Trade Zone.
9. Above price includes a 1 USD buyer-side commission. Price is based on 1 million doses. Obviously larger orders will be discounted appropriately.

Only serious buyers, please. This is 100% serious business. If your application gets approved you will be dealing with the highly professional seller from a big healthcare group directly that is backed by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). At this stage, no details can be disclosed.

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