Switzerland awards first fintech banking license

YAPEAL has become the first financial institution in Switzerland to receive a fintech banking license. The new digital bank plans to challenge the traditional retail banking sector with personalized accounts tailored to individual clients. The bank is building a community-style customer base known as “Yapsters” who will be among the first to try out its services based around their own needs. This might include a new style of account for customers’ children or a robo-advisory service that balances income, fixed household costs and a client’s desire for different goods. YAPEAL says it will charge simple flat fees rather than the complex system of opaque fees that high street banks typically charge clients. It also pledges not to lend out customer’s money unless they first give approval. YAPEAL also stated on Friday that it intends to launch a Visa debit card. “YAPEAL is very pleased to have reached this fundamentally important milestone,” co-founder Andy Waar said in a statement.

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